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The Mission


Have you ever looked into a mirror and felt repulsed by what you saw?

Have you tried multiple diet/weight loss plans just so you can feel good enough?


Me Too.


As a trauma survivor, my body became the very thing I learned to hate. I spent a majority of my life yo-yo dieting and avoiding mirrors because in a 'perfect world' I felt anything but. It was only until Covid-19 put the world to a halt, was I able to really heal the relationship with my body. I had nowhere to run; Just me, four walls and a mirror... and what a revelation i unfolded.

During my experience of working with women and young girls, I have continuously noticed that so many feel disempowered, lacking in confidence amongst the endless beauty standards, filters and unattainable weight goals that we are surrounded by today.


So this is what i'm here to change.


My mission is to scrap the shame and weight loss goals by learning to love yourself just as you are; flaws and imperfections too, because we don't heal in shame, we heal through compassion and connection with ourselves and others.

I am incredibly passionate to guide women through the process of getting up close & personal with their bodies so they can feel both empowered & liberated; Because every woman deserves to feel at home within.

Out of Your Head & Into Your Booty

This 6 week therapeutic Body Image programme is designed for women that are struggling with self-esteem, confidence and body dissatisfaction

Structured with 90 minute sessions are week by week themes which explore multiple aspects of Body Image narratives to develop insight and reflection in to the stories we have created about ourselves and our bodies

Mirrors Will No Longer Be The Enemy; But Your Friend

You will experience emotional healing and learn therapeutic tools through reflective discussion, mirrors and dance (no dance skills necessary) amongst a unity of other women who have similar stories to yours

No Weight Loss Goals

No 'Hot Girl Summer Pending' Vibes

No Shame

It's your chance to take the path to healing and developing the ultimate self-love for yourself in the body you have right now!

No More Idealising Perfection

Normal Women; Normal Bodies

We will get up close & personal with our bodies like never before whilst finding our 'Inner Sexy' where you can really experience liberation and freedom from within

It's time to invest in your mind, body & soul so you can feel like the empowered baddie you already are underneath the stories you've created about yourself

All shapes and sizes welcome

* This programme is run from a trauma-informed and anti-diet perspective

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Programme Overview

Week One: Introduction to Body Image

What is Body Image & how it affects us

Week Two: Narrative Approach to Body Image

Exploring Diet-Culture, Beauty Standards & characters from our own story

Week Three: Trauma & Shame

Exploring the effects of Trauma & Shame on our bodies and nervous system

Week Four: Patriarchy & Internalised Misogny

Exploring internalised misogyny, repressed sexual desire and finding Our 'Inner Sexy'

Week Five: Inner Child & Reframing The Body Narrative

Developing Compassion For Our Younger Selves through brief Inner Child Work

Week Six: The Big Reveal

You will be invited to 'reveal' yourself in underwear or lingerie to really push yourself out of your comfort zone whilst reflecting on the path to self-love

(If you do not wish to participate in this activity, this is fine too)

When & Where

Dance Trix Studio

15a Noble Square,

Burnt Mills

Basildon, Essex

SS13 1LP


Wednesday Evenings

19:30 - 21:00

First Programme Will Start on May 3rd, 2023


*Pre-booking a space is required 

Body Image Workshop-2_edited.jpg
Models in Bodysuits

Due to the therapeutic nature of this programme, spaces are limited to a maximum of 8 

If this programme is fully booked at time of enquiry, you will be notified and placed on the waiting list for the next one

You will receive a bespoke programme which includes:

6 x 90 Minute Therapeutic Workshops

1 x Personalised Journal

1 x Special Gift (This will come in handy for the final week)

A total of £299

To start your journey of healing & self-love, book your space now

See you on the other side, 

Rachael x


*Please make sure you can commit to the full 6 weeks in advance as refunds will not be given should you change your mind once a place has been secured or leave once the programme has started. Your place cannot be filled and will therefore be charged.

Booking Your Place

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